Disclaimer: Must be at least 18-years of age to participate.
Information received from your taste-testing results do not replace the advice of a doctor.

The body needs trace minerals (microminerals) in very small amounts. We receive our trace minerals from eating healthy food options, such as proteins, fish, vegetables, fruits, consuming water, etc.

This taste-testing is based on water / mineral body science. Minerals are essential for our body to function in a healthy manner but they are depleted in most people. Trace Minerals testing from https://bodybio.com/ determines if your body has too much, not enough, or just right on these 9 essential minerals:

  1. Potassium
  2. Zinc
  3. Magnesium
  4. Copper
  5. Chromium
  6. Manganese
  7. Molybdenum
  8. Selenium
  9. Iodine

One mineral can, and will, displace another with the same ionic value. By taking good minerals, we help displace bad minerals and mobilize them out of the body. It is a double nutritional hit: adding needed minerals and detoxing at the same time. It is recommended that you test yourself periodically (every week or so depending on your health) for a proper mineral combination.

During our taste-testing, we will make mother batches of each of the 9 minerals listed above. You will be allowed to taste test each of the 9 minerals in nine separate disposable sample taste-size cups. We will provide a mineral info sheet for you to record how each mineral taste so you can remember how your body scores for each mineral. Your taste buds will tell you if the mineral is too sweet, too bitter, or any range in-between. How the minerals taste will tell you if your body has too much of that particular mineral, not enough, or just right.

We do not sell this product nor are we a distributor. If people are interested in purchasing their own trace minerals, they can buy direct from the company BodyBio.com. We find their research and methods very easy to use and understand to know the amount of trace minerals within our body. It is recommended to do a testing every week or so to supplement as needed. And if you’re interested in that, you’ll need to purchase your own kit from BodyBio.com. The taste-testing session is to introduce you to the science behind checking your trace minerals within your body.

$5 for up to 45 minutes