Holistic Life Coaching

  • Holistic life coaching helps individuals perform at their highest levels. We assist you to identify and believe in your good choices from within so you can take action comfortably with clarity, peace, joy and confidence. If you are attracted to crystals, we also provide a wonderful crystal experience and help you set your intentions.
  • Crystal Clear Choices will provide support for your journey toward your personal and professional endeavors. Together, we will develop your immediate and/or long-term goals based on holistic methods. You can share in a safe space free from judgment with complete confidentiality. We will listen, support you in your goals, and help you co-create a path to achieve your dreams. Your conscious ideas and sub-conscious knowing will be discussed so your path can become clear to achieve the possibilities you have been considering and perhaps secretly desiring. We help you reach clarity with your choices. You can live in the possibilities. We assist you to get there. We are here to honor your life’s purpose and guide you to open your awareness, build your confidence on how to accomplish your ideas. And we help you stay on track.
  • If you are looking for a peaceful and mind-freeing atmosphere, to support you in moving forward in your life, then you’ve come to the right place. We believe you can do it! Your busy thoughts might be in your way. Busy thoughts are unproductive and can lead to stress and depression. They can be trained to pause or go away so you can appreciate the beauty of contentment. Thoughts that whirl-around need a place to land. We help you with busy thoughts by sorting out a clear path. We help you identify and focus on what serves you in your life today and for your future.
  • You can make your goals a priority once you understand how to recognize and quiet your busy thoughts.

$85 for up to 60 minutes
Or prepay for (3) 60 minute sessions for $75/session, used within 90 days


Interested in free life coaching? Check out the book discussions being held at the Apache Junction Public Library every Wednesday between Jan 5th – April 29th, 2022. We will be discussing the Law of Attraction book collection by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Plan on attending to learn how to create a more positive path for your life. There is no charge to attend. The book can be downloaded through Amazon’s Audible app.