Crystals are powerful happy gems. They enjoy serving their purpose and would love to join you on your life’s journey. They are also beautiful! It is normal to be drawn toward them yet you may not fully understand why all the time. It is a mutual attraction. Similar to magnetics, the attraction energy force is present but cannot be seen. Crystals can be programmed to help you with specific intentions in your life. After you choose your crystals - or sometimes let them choose you - they are re-tuned with a crystal singing bowl sound frequency, and then we help you set your intentions based on each crystal’s properties. It is best to enjoy the mother earth magnificent energy that each crystal holds by connecting with your crystals and setting intentions. No appointment required.

$15 up to 10 minutes

Black Tourmaline Affirmation

“I banish all negative attachments, within and without. I am purified, grounded, and centered upon the Earth.”

                                          Naisha Ahsian