Come in and have a relaxing Chakra Energy reading. We use a pendulum and then provide recommendations on which crystals will benefit your chakra balancing, how to use the crystals and why specific crystals are better than others for your needs. We will explain how the crystals help your particular chakra(s) that needs help coming back into balance.

It is good to have your chakras checked monthly and also after any major life changes or trauma. If you are feeling “off” and do not have an explanation as to why, it is likely that one or more of your chakras are out of balance or blocked.

The seven energy centers in the body, called chakras, have directional movement (energy and light) which can be measured but not seen by most people. Our chakra reading is done fully clothed and with no laying on of hands. You will also learn best practices for chakra awareness and self-healing.

We have a wide variety of chakra stones to purchase. In-person shopping is ideal and preferred because then you can resonate with the crystals’ energy by using your intuition and the law of attraction.  No appointment necessary.

$25 for 15 minute session