Introduce your dog to calming energy from crystal druse. Full body layouts are helpful for dogs who experience anxiety of any kind. This crystal therapy is also great for surgery recovery, pain from arthritis, or a feeling of needing to belong. Some dogs, rescue dogs especially, have had a rough start in life and did not receive an upbringing filled with love during important developmental years. Sadly, this trauma most likely has impacted several chakras including their sense of security, sense of belonging, trust, confidence, and love. Dogs are hyper-sensitive to energy near their auras. This Universal energy experience will help dogs relax and return to more of what a normal dog should be with a more stable emotional foundation.

We apologize but we do not work with fear-aggressive dogs. But we would be happy to recommend crystals that when placed in your dog’s living and sleeping area, could provide a blanket of peace and security through crystal energy. Please stop in so we can make crystal recommendations for your dog’s needs. No appointment necessary.

$25 for 15 minutes