Linda Huss - The Coach

My spiritual journey began at 3-years old with a deep connection and life-long fondness for animals and music. I have loved both my entire life because they are beautiful and offer inner peace. Since a toddler, both animals and music have helped me to enjoy the beauty of the moments in life.

Because of my love for animals and needing great care for their safety and well-being, I opened Happy Pets Palace in Mesa (2014) and Chandler (2018), which provide loving care for dogs. We provide super fun doggy daycare, overnight boarding, canine enrichment, and puppy socializing. They are beautiful facilities filled with such caring staff. I am blessed to get to spend time with so many sweet pups over the years, their amazing pet parents, and the most caring staff I have ever known. I will continue to co-own and operate Happy Pets Palace because it brings me great joy.

I am honored to have the opportunity to offer positive energy and guidance to the people of Apache Junction and surrounding areas. My Bachelor’s degree in Communications, from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, will help nicely toward life coaching sessions. In February 2021, I completed the Life Coaching Program academics, theory and practice from accredited Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ. I have also completed the accredited online program of Happiness Life Coach Certification, certified with International Coach Foundation (ICF). For the study and working with crystals the courses completed include: Crystal Healing: The complete certified practitioner’s course, Crystal Master Certification, Hibiscus Moon courses on Crystal Yoga and Chakras, and Aromatherapy Blending with Crystals. I am also a Certified Crystal Practitioner with Hibiscus Moon Academy.

At our practice, we supply client in-take form, client disclosure form, HIPAA notice, and Code of Ethics. First time clients should allow 15 minutes for new client paperwork.

Positive surroundings and a positive mind-set are good energy that I wish to share to help others on their journey to find joy and success. I want to help people who are new to crystals understand their attraction and how best to work with them. Being raised with a positive can-do-anything mantra repeated often by my mother helped me with confidence to take chances and seek opportunities. The training from the life coaching courses helps me to share with others how to be able to realize their goals and go after their dreams. I am eager to serve, to help educate about crystals, to listen to your dreams and how we can create action steps for your life’s goals. If we can provide you an opportunity to share your dreams and to find peace and success with change and growth, then good energy is elevated, and we are all blessed from the experience.